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We have built a lot of sites that get natural traffic with all the search engines and we would like to offer you the opportunity to own a website that has proven organic rankings along with proven income streams!

One of are largest packaged websites for sale was recently sold on Flippa, an online auction for website properties and domain names. All of these sites were recieving natural traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing and were also producing monthly income streams from Adsense and Affiliate marketing. The best part about all the sites is that no off page search engine optimization was done and the sites were still getting organic search traffic, just take a look at the sites below.

Your new website will be built using a custom website builder that has been fine tuned over the last 2 years. With this proprietary script we are able to build a custom site focusing on highly targeted keywords in various niches.

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11 Custom Built Websites For Sale – Live Auction!!!

Get A Great Deal On 11 Websites For Sale!!!

This is a current auction listing on FLIPPA for a packaged set of established websites that have shown results since their creation with absolutely no Off-Page Search Engine Optimization! The script used to build all of these sites is truly amazing and the results are there.

Search engine ranking can be one of the trickiest parts in optimizing any website, that is why it is best to have someone really dive in and get specific when performing off-page seo. The great thing about all these sites for sale is that they have the right foundation that will allow for the best results from a back-linking standpoint as they already all get natural organic search engine traffic. You just can’t go wrong with a established website that is getting traffic with no efforts.

All the 11 Websites For Sale also have thousands of pages all relating to their main keyword in their respected top level domain names. All websites can be monetized with many income streams like, adsense, amazon, clickbank, cpa and much more.

Here is the list of websites that are currently listed for auction, follow the link below to see the full listing with Flippa!



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Websiteforsale.net – Website For Sale

Website For Sale

websiteforsale.netThis Website Is For Sale!

You could be ranking on the 1st page for website for sale even with all the changes and updates that Google is constantly adding to their search algorithm. Go take a look at the first page results for the keyword website for sale and you will notice a few of the big players like Flippa and eBay. Here is your chance to play ball in their field having your website on the same page.

Websiteforsale.net has the background needed to step up to the plate and take home some of the points that are being left on the table. From the actual sales of websites to advertising and affiliate streams you will have the opportunity to step off the bench and play ball.

If you are interested in purchasing this website for sale please be sure to Send Us A Comment Below this listing!

Here’s What You Get!

Top Level Premium Aged Domains

-          http://WebsiteForSale.net – 3 Year Old Site

-          http://WebsiteBusinessForSale.com – 3+Year Old Site
Hosting For Life

-          We will provide you with FREE Hosting Services For Life!

1st Page Status

-          $2.87 is the average CPC for advertising with Google

-          Organic traffic results come at no additional cost

-          Long tail buyer keywords can rank easily with little SEO

-          Panda and Penguin updates have had no impact on sites, this represents what Google is looking for, these sites have built up authority through their age and link building, it would take a lot to cause a major dent in the keyword rankings, which supports stronger long tail results.

This website for sale will sell very fast!!! This is your opportunity to get in before this website is listed for sale at an auction house! Leave a Comment Below!

SEO Company Website For Sale

Website For Sale – SEO Company

Bseenonline.com is on the market for sale. This is a website that has shown tremendous growth and potential since its inception. Search engine optimization has grown over the years and is a service that need to be readily available for all online companies established and new.

Here are a few details about this website for sale that are sure to grab the interest of anyone looking for a online business website.

2012 Gross Revenue: $58,577

Subscriber/Buyers List: 7,000

Average 3 Month Net Profit: $9,535

The above mentioned website for sale has a lot more proven statistics that make this a sustainable online business in a niche that is always striving. If you have any questions regarding this site please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about this website for sale as well as for any website that has been listed for sale.

E-Bay Business Website For Sale

Website For Sale – e-Bay Business Website

Sportsdorm.com is currently on the market for sale and the bidding has started to increase as the opportunity to own a business website is present. This site sale a ton of different sport related apparel and began back in 2009. So as you can tell this is an established website for sale that offers everything to be done with ecommerce. The ebay account associated with the site has been active for 3 years and also has a 1 year old amazon and paypal merchant account. There is a lot more information about this website for sale, just let us know if your interested.

As with any website for sale, make sure the fit is right, this is a site that has proven itself to be a money maker, over the last couple years.

Vote On My Butt – Awesome Picture Website

Vote On My Butt Now

vote on my buttWow such finesse will get you farther than you though as you will see for this website featuring only premium girls butts in all the butt accessories like thongs, yoga pants, panties, bikinis and so many more.


Only The Best Butts So Vote On My Butt

Voteonmybutt.com has that butt you have been picturing for all those years and then it has all those great butts that you have always wanted to see first hand. We highly recommend that you take a moment and step into a website all about the those truly beautiful butts, our favorite by far has got to be butts in yoga pants but we dare you to find your favorite butt or butts. Check out Vote On My Butt Today!



Website Business For Sale | Check Out This Website For Sale

Website Business For Sale – Get a great website for sale today!

If you happen to be looking for a website business, be sure to take a good look at all the available sites, also check out this website for sale that ended up being sold for just over $20,000. Get all the proven facts that help make the decision informed when looking at any website for sale that needs to make you money in the long haul.

website for sale ecommerceHere is a brief summary of cat-scratch.net, a ecommerce website for sale in the pet industry that sold for a great price.

First off we all know how well the pet industry does and second just take a look at the proven results that sold the website.

Started in 2004 and has grown sales to just under $2 Million through out its history. This is a dropship business where the site is selling 3 different products related to the pet niche, there is also affiliate income as well and organic keyword rankings for many specified keywords. There are also social media connections associated with the website business, which has been a huge craze since facebooks ipo.

Keep your eyes open for more great opportunities available for a great website for sale especially for any business.


Website For Sale | Established Automotive Marketplace Website For Sale

Website For Sale – Carbon Fiber Business Website

Simcarbon.com is currently on the market as a established website for sale! What a cool site in a industry that will never quit. This website has all the proven statistics that will help you in your buying decision from traffic reports and more importantly profit reports.

All of the products sold on this site are done through paypal. The business has been up and running successfully since July ’11 and has only risen in its profit margins through sales with Amazon and Ebay. You don’t have to be a car nut or enthusiast to enjoy the benefits of this established ecommerce website for sale.

Here are a couple more details about this website for sale that has averaged roughly 20hours a week of required  maintenance to run, so there is huge potential with this one to gain market share. There are also expenses that can be reduced to make this business even more financially stable than it already is.

~29% Net Profit 2012

~$7,700  Average Monthly Net Profit

This website for sale is ready to take off, will you be the next owner?

website for sale

Voteonmybutt.com For Sale – Priced To Sell

This website is a picture gallery website featuring girls butt pictures. The website is on the move and picking up a lot of natural attention from similar websites and already has a solid following of repeat visitors. This month alone the site has received over 15,000 unique visitors and 20% of the traffic sticks around from 5 minutes to an hour! Over 22% of the traffic is from return visitors which is unheard of.

This website is poised to receive massive attention and a lot of traffic which means big $$$$$ for the new owner. The current owner has been purely focused on adding content and creating a following before focusing on revenue. The audience of this website is obviously male-centric and there are hundreds of different offers to position to this audience which can bring in revenue for the new owner.

The owner is asking for a very conservative $5,000 and he is willing to work with the new owner on the weekly tasks required to maintain the website. The entire site is operated on the WordPress platform and is very easy to manage even with minimal website management experience. The owner has reported a total time to maintain the site every week to about 4 hours making this a great project for anyone’s schedule.

If you’re interested in purchase the site please send an email to voteonmybutt -AT- gmail.com

Website For Sale | Only The Best Premium Turnkey Websites For Sale

Website For Sale

If you were searching for a Website For Sale, you have came to the right place! You will find only the best sites on the market today right here. From turnkey websites to premium websites to completely established websites to all the revenue producing and traffic generating websites that make the cut when purchasing a money making website business.

Website For Sale | Turnkey Websites For Sale

The joys of purchasing a turnkey website. Just take a look at the statistics for the website for sale put everything together and view it from a monetary perspective and then watch your newly purchased website make you money right out of the gate. Buying a website for sale that already has proven results on paper is one just one of the joys you will discover when buying turnkey websites for sale.

Website For Sale | Find The Best Websites For Sale

When looking at websites for sale it can sometimes become tough to find the right website that even makes sense to buy. That is why the value of having a site that only show established premium websites listed for sale is so great. It makes searching for a particular website so much more effective and makes the owner that much more happy that their purchase was one that was purely right.

Website For Sale | What Makes The Cut When Buying A Website

Website For SaleFirst off every website is an asset, some most definitely better than others but all still have a potential. So look for established websites for sale , the sites that have proven themselves to be winners. The one thing with new websites for sale is that there is still that potential to have a winner but getting to the top is harder for some compared to others so stick with the ones that are already at the winning level and you cannot go wrong.

Finally the one thing that you must look at when making a decision to purchase a website for sale is that the answer will always show itself within the hard facts like how much the site has earned and over what time frame.

Get a Website For Sale that is right for you right here!